Mr Perkins - is a Peruvian line of natural and carbonated beverages. Unique and authentic. A brand born from the ambition to mix the best ingredients to create subtle flavors that surprise and delight the most demanding palate.

Our name is composed by the play on words of PERU- KINA(QUINA) being this a tree native to Peru. The quina or cascarilla is included in the national coat of arms as a symbol of natural wealth.

The quinine used for some of our premium mixers is extracted from the cinchona tree. It contains a very special bitter taste, which makes it stand out as the main ingredient in the preparation of drinks such as tonic water.

From the best mixologists in the world to those who prefer a good cocktail at home, Mr Perkins has created a line of drinks perfectly designed to accompany the best distillates in the world. MAKE IT BETTER.


We are careful and demanding with our selection of suppliers. We look for products that are certified as green or sustainable and have strong objectives to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, minimize their impact, think outside the box and have integrity throughout the supply chain.

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